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 Medical Bill Review 

Rising’s flagship, Medical Bill Review solution is a financially empowering program that allows clients to make well-informed, equitable payment decisions regarding their medical expenses.  Utilizing a three-tiered process, Rising ensures accurate reimbursement and the best in savings.

First Up - Data Integrity
At the foundation of Rising’s process is the raw, medical bill data. This is where our ultimate savings results originate – so it better be good and it better be accurate. Our precision in this area encompasses all aspects of data integrity, including redundancy, automated scrubbing, dynamic logic and manual intervention.

Second Up - Technology
Rising combines millions of lines of code, advanced software architecture, multiple data sources, sophisticated information management techniques, artificial intelligence tools and complex automated processes into a powerful system that helps maximize savings results.

Up Third - People
Rising’s technologies and automation of standard rules are a great start: providing operational efficiencies and speed. However, it takes people with training and experience to ensure you are paying no more than necessary. Rising’s bill review auditors look at the nuances of each bill and medical records, to bring our clients enhanced outcomes. Capitalizing on the expertise of our people allows Rising to produce true quality, not just quantity.

Key Program Components

     Extensive coding review and repricing

     Automatic fee schedule and state law adjustments

     Usual, customary and reasonable review

     Contractual provider discount application

     Customizable utilization review parameters/flags

     Robust duplicate bill detection: 99.9% accuracy vs. 85% industry average

     Aggressive fraud detection

     Seamless referrals to our Specialty Bill Review unit

     Client web portal for bill approval and reports access

     Submission of state and NCCI reporting

     Provider payment solutions

     Seamless program implementation that we like to call Simplementation™


Your Return on Investment (ROI):

     $8 to $78 return per $1 in fees

     Additional return of $3 to $4 per $1 in fees when enhanced with our Specialty Bill Review







Customer Service




325 N LaSalle St, Ste 600
Chicago, Illinois 60654

What's the Importance
of Transparency in
Medical Bill Review?
Hear from our CEO on this topic in a "WorkCompWire" Feature

We look at the oddities that a computer program can't pick up. We do an in-depth analysis on the medical bills rather than just have a machine spit out results.

- Christina, Operations Director