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Why is Proper MSA Administration Important?
Managing your Medicare Set Aside (MSA) settlement funds per Medicare’s guidelines is no easy task.  In fact, it is quite difficult…even for really smart people! The penalty for not administering your MSA funds properly is that you could lose your medical benefits under Medicare.  It could happen at a time when you really need it and Rising wants to protect you from ever endangering this valuable coverage.

That’s why we provide two types of services that simplify the management of your MSA funds and keep Medicare benefits in your hands.

Professional Administration: A “worry-free” option, we administer your MSA funds so you don’t have to. Rising completely removes the burden of MSA compliance and manages all the ins-and-outs of adhering to the numerous guidelines established by Medicare. Here’s what you get, Rising will:

      •     Establish a custodial bank account with your MSA funds

     Review your Medicare-allowable medical bills to ensure you are charged correctly

     Reduce these medical billings per state and Medicare guidelines when appropriate

     Negotiate with providers when bills are unnecessarily high

     Extend to you pharmacy discounts of up to 80% off retail, with home delivery options

     Pay the proper amounts to your medical providers

     Submit required reports on bank account activity to Medicare

     Guarantee MSA compliance and zero penalties from Medicare

     Provide online access to our Patient Web Portal so you can see how we are managing your MSA funds



Self-Administration: This is our “expert support” option.  We’re not actually handling your MSA funds but we do provide a roadmap to help you maneuver your way through Medicare’s rules and regulations in order to stay compliant. Here’s what we do to keep you on track:


•     Supply essential state and federal resources, forms and guidance (in both print and electronic formats) to manage your MSA funds per Medicare’s guidelines

    Offer easy-to-use online tools, through our Patient Web Portal, to help you manage your MSA funds more effectively and in accordance with Medicare’s requirements

    Perform automated medical bill review services to reduce your medical charges when appropriate

    Help you pay the proper amounts to your medical providers

     Extend to you pharmacy discounts of up to 80% off retail, with home delivery options

    Support you with Medicare’s annual reporting requirements

    Assign a designated contact available to answer any questions you may have

    Provide live phone support



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