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For cases involving a Medicare Set Aside (MSA), attorneys and structured settlement brokers are not only responsible for developing a fair and equitable settlement, they also now are required to protect Medicare’s interests pursuant to the Medicare Secondary Payer statutes and guidelines (42 USC 1395y; 42 USC 1395(b)(2); 42 CFR 411.20-37; 42 CFR 411.40-47; 42 CFR 411.50-53). We help the following parties capitalize on opportunities that exist during and after the settlement process, while simultaneously reducing the risk of Medicare recovery actions:

     Defense Attorneys representing Work CompAuto, or Liability Payers

     Plaintiff / Applicant Attorneys representing Injured Parties

     Structured Settlement Brokers

For the first time, the same service provider combines expertise in Medicare compliance and sound financial management with a powerful medical cost containment program. Rising Financial Solutions – a sister company of Rising Medical Solutions – is able to leverage the expertise of an organization responsible for determining the appropriate reimbursement of billions of dollars in medical charges. This synergy enables Rising to extend Medicare Set Aside (MSA) funds to their fullest potential, protect Medicare’s interests and reduce liability for settlement parties.



Professional Administration
Rising’s management of MSA settlement funds fully adheres to the numerous standards established by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

We fulfill your administration needs by:

     Setting-up an MSA custodial bank account

     Determining injury-related charges

     Repricing Medicare-allowable billings per state and CMS guidelines

     Utilizing provider negotiations when necessary

     Extending pharmacy discounts and home delivery options

     Disbursing appropriate provider payments

     Submitting required reports on account activity to CMS

     Ensuring post-settlement compliance and risk mitigation for settlement parties

     Handling medical settlement funds that fall outside CMS requirements


Self-Administration Support
Not all cases need or require a professional’s management, but they call for trusted support.

That’s where we step in:

     Furnishing the injured party with necessary resources, forms and guidance to manage their MSA funds pursuant to CMS requirements

     Providing online tools, through our Patient Web Portal, that make managing MSA funds easier than paper-based administration

     Enlisting automated bill review services to reduce medical charges

     Extending pharmacy discounts and home delivery options

     Offering telephone support

     Helping safeguard payers, attorneys, structured settlement brokers and injured parties  from potential negative actions by CMS







Customer Service





325 N LaSalle St, Ste 600
Chicago, Illinois 60654

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Our clients save an additional 24 - 73% because we incorporate our medical bill review program into this service.  Having provided bill repricing solutions since 1999, we're the only MSA Administrator that offers this much depth.

- John, Specialty Services Director